Crazy Horse (Szórakozóhely)

Crazy Horse (Szórakozóhely)

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Enjoy a fablulous show at the iconic Crazy Horse in Paris! The incredible show consists of a series of highly aesthetic and visual tableaus presented by the legendary Crazy Horse dancers.

- Enjoy a unique show in Paris
- Be enchanted by the show's sensual style of dance
- Choose between Show & Champagne, Dinner & Show or Show Only

Enjoy a Fablulous Show at Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse Paris is the most iconic of all the Parisian cabarets. 

You can choose between three types of tickets: Show & Champagne, Dinner & Show or Show Only. 

The Crazy Horse is a genuine Paris style cabaret celebrating the female body. Therefore, you will experience nearly complete nudity and many sensual dances. If you find this offensive please do not book for Crazy Horse.

Enjoy a Dinner Before the Show
If you choose Dinner & Show you'll enjoy a delicious 3-course dinner, ½ bottle of wine, ½ bottle of mineral water and coffee or tea. The menu varies depending on the season.

After the dinner at either restaurant Chez Francis or Fouquet’s, you can walk go to The Crazy Horse to enjoy the show. It is a short maximum 10-minute walk.

How do I get my tickets?
Shortly after your booking is complete your e-ticket will be sent directly to your email, just print it out and bring it with you to Crazy Horse.  

How long does the show last?
The show lasts 1½ hours.  

Which seats should I choose?
You can see the seating plan for The Crazy Horse here. Please note that you cannot book specific seats or tables – just a category. We don't sell Box VIP seats on our site. 

Is there a dress code at Crazy House?
Yes, the dress code is casual and business casual. Tie, suits or dress are optional. Jeans, shorts, sneakers are not permitted.

Are children allowed?
The show is not suitable for children. 



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Crazy Horse (Szórakozóhely) Info

Crazy Horse (Szórakozóhely)
Crazy Horse
George V Avenue 12.
75008 Párizs


Crazy Horse (Szórakozóhely)
A show mellé jár egy fél üveg pezsgő;
Vasárnaptól péntekig: este 20:15 és 22:45.
Szombaton: este 19:00, 21:30 és 23:45.

Vacsora és show:
Vasárnaptól péntekig:
Vacsora 18:30-tól és show 20:15-től.
Vacsora 20:30-tól és show 22:45-től.
Vacsora 19:30-tól és show 21:30-tól.
Vacsora 21:30-tól és show 23:45-től.


Menjen el metróval az Alma Marceau megállóig, ha CSAK a showműsorra vett jegyet! Innen csupán 5 percre van a Crazy Horse.
Menjen el metróval az Alma Marceau megállóig, ha a “Chez Francis” étteremben rendelt vacsorát a show előtt!
Menjen el metróval a George V megállóig, ha a “Fouquet’s” étteremben rendelt vacsorát a show előtt!

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